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Luxury Tans. Quality ingredients. Custom Color.

Welcome to ART + SOL Chicago



Born from a love of a good natural-looking tan & a desire to continue my love affair with the sun, guilt-free. ART + SOL offers the highest quality spray tan available in Chicago. Find out for yourself why ART + SOL is the most in-demand airbrush tan for your everyday glow and special events.



individually formulated

for your skin tone

and desired outcome.

Luxury Solutions

highest-quality formulas

that are non-drying

and beneficial for

your skin.

Everyday Glow

if you just need a little extra bronzing, from natural to just-back-from-Miami, we've got you covered.

Special Events

from photo shoots to

your wedding day,

we will ensure you're



I have had a lot of spray tans done at chain companies and nothing compares to the way Karen creates tans. Why didn’t anyone tell me it can be so much better!? The color and overall look is hands down the best I have ever had. My favorite part is I have now had multiple done by her and the consistency is unmatched. Side note, she makes you feel right at home too!

—  A.C.

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